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Diamanti Solutions

Why Diamanti

Diamanti’s fully integrated Kubernetes platform gives platform architects, IT operations, and application owners the performance, simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise features they need to get cloud-native applications to market fast.

Intelligent IO Acceleration

Diamanti’s unmatched performance and resource utilization is driven by a unique hyper-converged architecture purpose-built for the way containers use network and storage resources.

Use Cases


Through automation and self-service, DBaaS allows developers and business teams to access database services directly with less friction and less delay, decreasing time to market for new features and applications.

Cloud Native DevOps

The cloud native DevOps brings various new tools and best practices to boost the application development flow making it fully automated, selfservice capable and API-driven, giving independence to both the developer and the operator.

Diamanti D20 RH for Red Hat OpenShift

The Diamanti D20 RH for Red Hat OpenShift enables enterprises building and deploying containerized applications on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to maximize the performance, scalability, and operational efficiency of Red Hat’s best-in-class developer tools and industry-leading Docker/Kubernetes Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).